After extensive learning, as well as several years/decades of broad-ranging professional experience and joint work in the electric industry – the electric implementation of major investments in tyre manufacturing, the chemical industry, plastics industry, pharmaceutical production, paper and timber industry, heavy industry –, in the summer of 2007 a handful of electric experts decided to efficiently exploit their talent, attained knowledge, expertise and mutual trust in the framework of a jointly owned company, Industrial Electric Bau Kft.
In the past six years, we have successfully closed more than 200 projects for the satisfaction of our customers. The effective realization of these projects has been the gradual expansion of our headcount.
Since its foundation, our company has opened two new business sites.
With a 5000 sq m business site, altogether 500 sq m offices, workshops and warehouses, as well as business sites and warehouses in Tiszavasvári and Mezőladány, our company has sufficient coverage in the eastern region of Hungary to serve industrial companies operated in this area.
During our works abroad and in Central–Western Hungary, we establish local stations for the performance of our office and logistic tasks.  Furthermore, our flexibility is largely enhanced by our modern and relatively large car fleet. This structure allows us to be active concurrently at several industrial companies and investments, both in Hungary and abroad.
In 2012, our company introduced and started to use a quality management system in compliance with the requirements of Standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.