Human resources

Our highly experienced, skilled and talented experts can efficiently utilize the available, modern devices, equipment.
Onsite implementation works are managed by our electric engineer colleagues delegated as responsible technical managers. Our fitters are qualified electricians, technicians and mechanics. Some of our colleagues hold fire protection, welding certificates, qualifications for the technical management and operation of damp-proof and explosion-proof electric equipment and appliances (qualifications for the performance of contact protection measurements and the review of the compliance of electric appliances with the relevant standards, periodic inspection and lightning protection of power-current equipment).
Our colleagues have extensive professional expertise in the electric and instrumental construction works for industrial investments in tyre manufacturing, the paper and heavy industry, timber and chemical industry.
Due to the gradual increase of our headcount in recent years, we have added designers and programmers to our workforce of technicians and electricians.
In order to follow technological progress and satisfy customer demands, our associates continuously participate in further training sessions, professional presentations. For this reason, they have succeeded in updating and amassing the professional knowledge and skills that are expected today.